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Why Our Customers Choose Us…

Nutritional Research & Training

  • Be welcomed by friendly and expert staff who are a wealth of knowledge in pet care, nutrition, grooming, products…and so much more.

    Whether you have recently introduced a new furry member to your household, or seeking nutritional advice All About Dogs & Cats is here to help every step of the way.

Special Foods for Special Dogs & Cats

  • We stock our store with the highest quality, food-based nutrients and human-edible proteins.  Nutritionally superior, cost-effective choice over dry kibble or certain wet food brands.

    Our goal is an appropriate diet that will allow for better digestion & assimilation of nutrients, rather than a traditional processed pet food diet.

We Provide the Best Products for Your Pet

  • All About Dogs & Cats carries products that can offer a solution to common pet ailments.  From joints to digestion, even calming, we have products that keep pets healthy.

    Our mission is to provide only the best items available for your pet.  If it’s not good enough for our family, then it’s not good enough for your family.

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