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Shop Local - We are committed to the indepedent pet store.

The world today is changing. People are buried in smartphones and tablets. Consumers increasingly shop online! Email, text and social media pass for what used to be conversation.


While we certainly embrace what technology has to offer…we have not forgotten the importance of real interaction. Actual face to face discussion. A handshake agreement. Where helping others isn’t a discussion, it’s just what you do. When you say what you mean – and mean what you say.

Ingrained in our company from ownership – to the newest employee – is a very real sense of community, honest hard work and a belief that we will write our own destiny.

We support our local communities and the small businesses that are owned by friends. We shop local whenever we can. We don’t worry about return policies or being treated unfairly. We do business with others who hold values similar to our own. Where your word is who you are.

We CHOOSE to feature our products in the independent pet specialty stores that dot our great nation. We support the mom and pop retailers that pass their business from generation to generation. Our experience is that these people are like us. They are passionate about pet health, pet food and providing the value added service and knowledge that treats you with the one on one attention and respect you deserve.

A commitment to shopping local means more dollars remain in the community (46% more than big box stores and virtually 100% more than ecommerce), more quality employment remains in the community and better services are available.

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