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Two dogs dressed up for halloween

Your Guide to Keeping Cats and Dogs Safe on Halloween (October 14, 2019)

Halloween can be a fun holiday for pet parents. Who doesn’t love showing off their cats and dogs, all decked out in their costumes? Still, if you’re not aware, the holidays can pose a few hazards to the safety of our four-legged friends... READ MORE »

Unhappy cat eating at the food bowl

Foul-Smelling Felines: What Causes Cat Odor and How to Combat It (October 7, 2019)

Pet parents may log fewer complaints about cat odors than they do those from dogs. But when kitty makes a stink, whether from gassiness or a messy litter box, nothing clears the room more quickly. Even so, like they say in "Smelly Cat" (which you may... READ MORE »

woman brushing a dog's teeth

Want to Prevent Expensive Dental Issues? Start Brushing Your Dog's Teeth (September 26, 2019)

Bad breath doesn't have to be a necessary evil of having a dog. Like humans, your dog needs proper oral care, not only for the fresh-breath benefits but also to keep his teeth and gums in top health. Why do dogs need tooth brushing? ... READ MORE »

dog eating grass

Weird Dog Behavior Explained: Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? (September 25, 2019)

When dogs eat grass, it can strike some pet parents as bewildering. Others may hit the panic button out of fear their beloved pet will soon become ill. To help you sort out fact from fiction, we’ll walk through some of the common human beliefs... READ MORE »

dog in shelter

Are You Ready to Foster a Dog or Cat? What You Need to Know (September 24, 2019)

Looking to make a difference in the life of a dog? Why not become a dog foster? Many animal shelters and rescues deploy volunteers who are willing to open their homes for a few weeks or months, giving cats and dogs love, care and stability... READ MORE »

vet at a clinic holding a cat

Yes, Even Indoor Cats Need Wellness Vet Visits. Here's What Every Cat Parent Needs to Know (September 24, 2019)

Cats have a well-earned reputation of self-reliance. However, self-reliant is not the same as maintenance-free, and feline medical problems are often masked until they become serious. READ MORE »

Cat eating out of a food bowl

Finicky Kitty? How to Switch Your Cat to a New Brand of Cat Food (September 24, 2019)

A healthy kitty is a contented kitty. One simple thing a pet parent can do to achieve that purrr-fect level of health and quality of life is switching to a high-quality diet. The right diet that suits your cat will give their body better access to nutrients,... READ MORE »

woman training a dog to shake hands

Training a New Dog? Here's Where to Begin (August 13, 2019)

Does the idea of training your new dog sound complicated? Getting your dog from rambunctious to calm may be more attainable than you think. Even though you don’t speak canine, dogs are famously well-attuned to their humans... READ MORE »

cat not eating her cat food

Is Your Cat's Food Helping or Hurting Your Furry Friend? (August 13, 2019)

Food’s a touchy issue with cats. We’re not just talking about finicky eaters. Diet can be the underlying cause of many feline matters, like itchy skin, litter box messes and obesity. Here’s a look at how diet can contribute... READ MORE »

little gray kitten playing with a ball

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Getting Ready for a New Cat (July 30, 2019)

Are you getting ready to bring home a new cat? You’ll not only need supplies, but you'll also need to tour your house with the mindset of a curious cat so you can be extra sure your furry family member stays safe and comfortable.... READ MORE »

puppy sitting by bowl waiting to get fed

New to Living With a Dog? Get Mealtimes Off to a Great Start (July 19, 2019)

If it’s your first time living with a dog, it won't take long for you to realize that mealtime is the highlight of your dog's day. Food is everything for your pup, and you want to get started on the right foot. READ MORE »

Cute little puppy getting bath in sink

Pet Grooming 101: Maintaining a Healthy Coat for Your Dog (July 17, 2019)

Did you know that a groomer can tell right away whether your pet is eating a high-quality diet? If your dog has itchy skin, dandruff, brittle hair and an unpleasant fishy odor that no amount of shampooing can scrub away....READ MORE »

Dog on a welcome mat

Your Guide to Bringing Home and Caring for a New Dog (July 3, 2019)

Before your new dog comes home, you’ll have a few things on your to-do list. There are practical matters, like setting the dog’s first vet appointment and having the needed supplies.


pet parent with dog at the vet

How Often Should I Bring My Dog to the Vet? (July 3, 2019)

Most healthy adult dogs should be taken to the vet at least once a year. But those visits can certainly happen more often, depending on the health, age and medical condition of your dog. READ MORE »

woman holding a dog with bad breath

Why Does My Dog's Breath Smell Like Fish? How to Eliminate Bad Dog Breath (July 2, 2019)

Death. Toxic waste. Rotten meat. Whatever colorful adjectives you use to describe your dog's nasty-smelling breath, you know this: It's no laughing matter. Rank, fishy dog breath cuts through the air and into your quality time together. READ MORE »

pet parent playing fetch with dog

Help your pet lose weight the smart way: Feed less, exercise more (July 2, 2019)

We get it: Doling out treats and bites of your delicious dinner makes your dog happy and your cat purr with contentment. That makes you happy, too. We humans create meaningful bonding experiences over food and it’s no different when we spend time with our animal friends. READ MORE »

cat with empty bowl

Gut reaction: When do your dog and cat need a change in diet? (June 5, 2019)

The gut is the source of many common pet ailments, from itchy skin to foul odors to runny stools. That’s why when your dog or cat displays these telltale signs of digestive issues, a better diet can fix what’s peeving your pet! READ MORE »

pet parent feeding his dog

5 Key factors for selecting the best dog food (June 5, 2019)

What’s in your dog’s food? You’re not the first pet parent to ask. You know what your food tastes like, and you probably have a good handle on what’s good for you and what isn’t. But with dogs, getting the food thing figured out can be a head-scratcher. READ MORE »

cat grooming itself

What To Do if Your Cat Overgrooms (May 21, 2019)

Is your cat licking and chewing themselves so much that there are bald spots? Are you worried that your cat is grooming too much? READ MORE »

cute dog with empty bowl looking up at parent

Confused about what to feed your dog? Kibble and cans explained (May 17, 2019)

In the eyes and hearts of pet parents, dogs are full-fledged members of the family. For that reason, they care more than ever about what’s in that bag of dry dog food or in that tin of meat and gravy. READ MORE »

woman talking to her dog while on social media

The ultimate list of people foods for dogs (May 16, 2019)

Living with a dog means there's always someone around that's very, very interested in what you're eating. Before you give in to those pleading eyes, you want to make sure the food is safe, digestible and well-suited to a canine diet. READ MORE »